Accountants Dublin

It is very common for Dublin accountants to be one of the first professionals to join a company, even before it begins to carry out its business activities. For this reason, the accountant is the person who will provide and coordinator for the entrepreneur with all the documentation necessary to keep his business in order, as well as guiding him to make the best decisions regarding taxes, fees and company finances.

Hiring a good accountant is a very important task because this professional can guide the entrepreneur not only in the right time to make the right choices for his business, but he is also able to prevent the company from putting itself into financial complications and jeopardizing their survival. Therefore, you need to consider some aspects before hiring an ideal accountant for your business.

Deciding whether the accountant is internal or external, is a decision that is usually influenced by the size of the company. Medium and large companies usually have an internal accountant to take care of all the documentation and assist in the finances of the company. Smaller companies or personal level, usually use the services of a professional outsourcing because of the versatility and reduction of monthly costs.

Before hiring an tax accountant, check to see if he / she has a registration in the respective professional order, as it is not uncommon to find people who perform certain functions as if they were professionals, but are not even qualified or authorized to do so. Practice is illegal, although many people ignore this.

Check the fees according to the table established by law. This is the type of service that you should not save by hiring the professional who charges less because your business is the one who will suffer the consequences of a bad job. However, you do not have to do the opposite either by hiring the most expensive trader on the market, since price usually has nothing to do with qualification. One should consider what services your business will need and how the professional might be useful. In addition, to find out if the price charged for the services is fair and is in accordance with the category floor, consult other accountants with the same level of qualification and who perform similar services.


Make sure the accountant is adapted to technologies and networking so that there is interaction between systems. Because to ensure work productivity and optimize communication between your businesses accounting information and the accountant’s database, today we can rely on automated systems that update the company’s financial information in real time. Make sure the accountant is equipped to integrate your company’s system with that of your accounting firm. This avoids major headaches such as the rush of delivery of invoices and documents every end of the month. In this way, everything beats right. And as of now, keep in mind the accounting programs, as it must be certified.