Annual Returns

If you are a business owner you know how important it is to have a trusted professional next to you, especially when several important decisions need to be made. The success of a company is directly related to choosing a good accounting professional, since it will be the one that will dictate the directions that your business will have to take.

The accountant is the first consultant of the company, its functions go far beyond reporting and presenting the financial situation of the business, responsibilities extend to presenting costs, profitability, redefining strategies to reduce the tax burden, and above all, instruct the entrepreneur on the best decisions to be made.

Before any decision, check that the accountant is registered in the body that validates the professionals of the sector, since besides being illegal the hiring of disabled professionals, the company can be fined.

The prior information about the professional is of great value, seeking information from other companies is still the best method to know if the candidate’s profile really matches what he says. Also find out what your other employers or customers were, and if the accountant already has a certain familiarity with the business branch, it is already halfway there.

It is no use for the company to close a large number of contracts, to achieve the so dreamed positive result, if at time H the accountant is not present, it simply disappears. The quality and quantity of the service provided must be placed on the scale and the professional’s willingness to perform tasks may arise.

Another great differential that must be taken into account are the channels of communication that the professional brings into the company, enabling more agile and direct ways of solving problems. An accountant with good networking is worth gold these days.

Numerous are the daily changes in legislation, be it in the area of ‚Äč‚Äčaccounting, tax and labour. Considering the rapidity of information, it is essential that the accounting officer constantly recycles, especially in relation to tax legislation, which sometimes reduces the company’s fiscal and managerial costs.

Accountant who only cares about keeping accounting books up to date is already outdated, new market requirements require this type of professional to perform functions other than those routinely performed, such as answering tax questions. That is, he starts to act in the administration, marketing and computing, supporting in the decision making as a consultant.

Do not hire an accountant simply for the amount charged for services rendered. The choice of a good professional should come along with the professional profile that the company expects to hire. It is interesting that the accountant already has some experience with other clients in the same branch of your business, which allows a prior knowledge of the specific issues of the area.

Finally, and one of the most important, is whether you feel good about the professional you are hiring. If the answer is negative and there is no empathy, this is not the accountant who seeks to guide the business of your company. Trust will only be established if the relationship within the work environment is of mutual professional delivery.